Adding Date to element.xml


          <Field Name=”DOB”>2015-12-01</Field>        


<Field Name=”DOB” ID=”{3441d411-3bcf-4587-af39-2ae2f6414223}” DisplayName=”DOB” Type=”DateTime” Format=”DateOnly” />

The ‘Team Foundation Server Provider Package’ package did not load correctly

While developing apps for SharePoint in Visual Studio 2012 I got the following error:

The 'Team Foundation Server Provider Package' package did not load correctly
The ‘Team Foundation Server Provider Package’ package did not load correctly

So, I headed over to the command prompt and entered:

devenv /resetuserdata

Next, I deleted this file:


That solved the problem.

These pages helped be solve the issue:

Using WingtipSP.js for common SharePoint JSOM task

  $.when(Wingtip.CreateFiles.CreateFilesInLib(“XML_Upload_DocLib”, “df33fsdfsdC.xml”, “HelloWorld”)).then(function (status) {
                    console.log(“Finished ” + status);

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

How to create a SharePoint 2013 responsive design public site

Audio transcript:

The bad news is Microsoft removed the public site feature from it’s SharePoint online subscription. The good news is Plexhosted it now providing public facing SharePoint sites. In this video we will cover:

Making your entire site public
Adding Responsive design via an HTML template
Deactivating “mobile browser view”

The first thing we will do is make our entire site visible to “anonymous users”, Next we’ll download a responsive design template and move the file over via SharePoint designer and make index.html our home page. Now you can see the site UI will change based on screen size. In some cases you might receive and error when visiting this home page. In that case, navigate to site features and deactivate “Mobile Browser View”. If you found this video helpful and would like to see more videos like this please subscribe or give us the thumbs up. 

Plexhosted Public Sites

Developer site

Sync to desktop – nothing happens when I click it
OneNote web app

So you can add anonymous access to all users access the site. And in addition, you can stop inheriting permissions on a specific list to allow an annoymous user to add data to that list.

required login for app web

some app may not work because microsoftajax.js in not present.‘abc’) <- this can be access from and annoymous useer

for me when I open an app I get prompted to log-in even though the site is public. However, Rajesh does not get prompted to log in.

When I search box, I get prompted to log in.

Plexhosted is telling me that MicrosoftAjax.js is not available on Foundation

Turn Off mobile view for responsive design to work

App catalog is not available for Multi-tenant, so no app catalog, only apps from the MS Store will work.

Napa development tools is not supported on the developer sites

“Workflows require a wsp package to be included in the project. Adding a module to the project will create a wsp”

For some reason the .wsp file in missing from the bin folder. The .wsp file exist in previous versions, but has vanished from the most current version.

Now if I show “Hidden items” a Windows 8 ribbon setting i can see the .suo was not downloaded successfully.